Translation of Literature & Nonfiction

  • Translation German-Polish and Polish-German
  • For publishing houses, authors, press and radio
  • Journalistic texts
  • Literary texts
  • Nonfiction
  • Experienced, native speaking translators
  • Complete solutions including DTP services for mono- or multilingual publications
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Translators for perfect texts. The ingredients for a first-class translation? Technical know-how, linguistic creativity, a distinct sense for cultural and linguistic nuances, a careful control of the quality. Our translators, copy editors and proofreaders offer all this. For perfect translations are not created single-handedly.

This is what we translate

Complete solutions. We do not only provide excellent translators, but also professional typesetter and finale editors. Benefit from perfect texts – all from one hand: from translating to finalized print files.

And then there’s also: translation copy editing. We copy edit texts translated into German. For now we offer translation copy editing from English, French, Polish and Russian.

 Translation copy editing

This is how we translate

Adaption. Germans feel the most comfortable in Abraham’s lap, Poles, however, behind God’s own oven. – Some texts can’t just be translated into another language. Linguistic images or certain conventions have to be adapted for a German or Polish reader.

Discretely. We work on your assignment with absolute confidentiality. This implies that all our translators sign a confidentiality agreement, which stays effective under all circumstances.


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Jaroslaw Piwowarski

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