Copy Editing Literature & Nonfiction

  • Copy editing of literary, nonfictional and journalistic genres
  • Editing of language style, plot, dramaturgy, characters, point of view
  • Consistent spelling, use of commas, typography
  • Short processing delays
  • On schedule & thorough
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We are here to make sure,
your manuscript doesn’t become a drama.

Classical copy editing for books. Language style, dramaturgy, plot, characters, point of view: this are the classical job-sites of copy editing. What we focus on depends on the state your manuscript is in and, whether it is a literary or a nonfictional book.

This is what we edit

Journalistic publications. We review journalistic articles, such as news reportages, essays, documentations and others. We put our focus on contextual consistency and accurateness, a consistent language and readability.

Translations. We also copy edit texts that have been translated into German: For now we offer translation copy editing from the original languages English, French, Polish and Russian.

 Translation copy editing

This is how we edit

Carefully. A sure instinct as well as diplomacy are both part of a copy editors daily work, next to decision making. Stylistic improvements will we worked in directly. Aspects concerning your characters, dramaturgy or plot will be annotated by the copy editors.

Coordinated. You only need stylistic editing? We shall exclusively focus on the text’s dramaturgy? We work according to your wishes and coordinate the extent of our copy editing and an appropriate work flow with you, in order to guarantee a smooth cooperation.


This is how you reach us

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 02