Proofreading of scientific texts

  • Proofreading of German and English texts (American & British English)
  • Spellchecking of articles, monographies, conference transcripts, professorial dissertations etc.
  • Four-eyes corrections
  • Consistent dictions, commas, typography
  • Proofreading teams for larger amounts of text
  • Our clients: institutes, research facilities, academic publishers (references)
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We know the conventions by heart. This applies not only to spelling rules but also to the conventions of scientific writing. Besides the spelling we also check your citation style, references and formalities for their completeness, consistency and correctness, upon request.

This is what we correct

Typography. We attach great importance to the small signs. Thus we pay attention to correct quotation marks, dashes, hyphens, minus signs as well as diacritic signs. Furthermore we review the correct codification (e.g. of carets).

Upon request. We gladly correct, check and complete the scientific apparatus in your texts: the citation style, the references or the formalities. By following the below-mentioned link, you reach our »Additional Services« page.

 Additional Services

This is how we proofread

Punctual. Our work is exact down to the last point and as well as punctual. After all we want to support you instead of disturbing your publication schedule.

Transparent. You’ve written a text and you shall keep both the overview and the last word in every matter. All changes made to your text are clearly documented for you.

In your file or on paper. In general, we correct texts in Word, PowerPoint or in Pages. Upon request we also work with InDesign/InCopy, PDF, XML or TeX. To be sure, we also correct with red pen on paper.


This is how you reach us

David Schär

David Schär

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 05