Copy Editing of Scientific Texts

  • Copy editing of German and English texts (American & British English)
  • Optional: stylistic or specialized copy editing
  • Network of forty specialized editors for numerous research areas
  • Consistent dictions, comma placement, typography
  • Short processing time
  • Copy editing teams for larger amounts of text
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Achieving a better text with four eyes. When the quality is at stake, we become real sticklers for principles: scientific texts belong in the hands of a scientific editor. And: the four-eyes principle applies here as well. End of story.

This is what we edit

Typography. We pay great attention to the small signs, such as correct quotation marks, dashes, hyphens and minus signs as well as diacritic signs.

Additional services. If you have special wishes or if you need us to edit especially fast – we can fulfill that as well.

 Additional Services

This is how we edit

Competent. Where expert knowledge is important, expert editors are needed. Therefore, forty specialized editors are ready to work on your texts. This is how we guarantee that your text is read by a scientific editor, who has the needed qualification to review it.

Transparent. Of course you won’t only see what we improved, but you’ll also have the final say concerning the changes we made. Therefore, we mark every little change to the text; for example in Word, we use the feature »change tracking«.


This is how you reach us

David Schär

David Schär

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 05