Typesetting for Organizations & Agencies

  • Typesetting für for organizations, institutions, corporations, agencies
  • Exact implementation of style sheets, corporate design
  • Careful and typographically sophisticated preparation
  • Short processing times
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Distinct layouts for distinct content. In everything we do, we value distinctiveness. We owe it to the combination of typography and imagery, a good structure and the clear and technically refined presentation of your content.

This is what we typeset

Bilingual publications. Our specialty is the design and typesetting of bilingual, German and Polish publications, such as business reports, brochures and corporate handbooks. While considering the respective language’s typography, of course.

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This is how we work

Optimal readability. The premise of our work: distinctiveness, clarity and readability, as opposed to visual experimentation. We develop a solution that suits your project with solid technical expertise and according to your corporation’s individual design.

In close collaboration. As our client, we want to understand exactly what you want before we start. This is the necessary basis for the creation of an individual, high-class publication. Thus, we emphasize direct communication with you, without beating around the bush.


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Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 02