Proofreading Literature & Nonfiction

  • Proofreading of literary, nonfictional and journalistic texts
  • Spellchecking according to Duden, Wahrig or your in-house rules
  • Four-eyes principles
  • Team of proofreaders for various amounts of text
  • Short processing times
  • Corrections on paper, in Word, PDF, InCopy, XML files
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Proofreading with four eyes. There are rules for everything. In order for them to be applied correctly, you have us. This we make sure by systematically correcting everything according to the four-eyes principle. And the result: flawless texts.

This is what we correct

Punctuation. Intuitive commas? Don’t exist for us. But a lot of obligatory or facultative ones. And we put them, where they belong. The latter ones to avoid misunderstandings and disruptions of the reading fluency. This implies: consistency and your personal rules have the priority.

Typography in detail. We pay attention to correct quotation marks, carets, apostrophes, diacritic signs as well as logic and consistent markings.


This is how we correct

Custom-made for you. Whether we do a first correction in the manuscript and the second one in a file after the page break is done or we’re supposed to compare several text versions; whether you need your corrections the classical way with pen on paper or in a Word, PDF, InCopy or XML file: we’re in.

Personally. Personal contact persons are especially important to us. For short-notice changes you can directly contact the proofreader in charge of your text.


This is how you reach us

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 02