Copy editing of translations for Organizations & Agencies

  • Source languages: English, French, Polish; target language: German
  • Copy editing of translations by two sets of eyes
  • Exact comparison between the translation and the original text
  • Review of translation mistakes and comprehensibility
  • Stylistic and linguistic copy editing including proofreading
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Editing with finesse. When copy editing translations, we erase translation mistakes. We review, correct and unify grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography and polish the linguistic style.

This is what we edit

German language. We check spelling, grammar, style and typography exactly according to the Duden (standard German dictionary), taking into account your organizational or corporate terminology and your target group’s language.

Our DTP offer. Take advantage of our desktop publishing offer: we can transfer the German translation into your layout and prepare it for print – for example, brochures, information materials or handbooks.

 Additional Services

This is how we edit

A detailed comparison. The first step is a detailed comparison between the original text and its German translation. We specifically look for translation mistakes, gaps and inaccuracies, false friends and distorted verbatim translations.

Custom-made. The translated text is longer than the original? We make sure your text has the desired length. We find shorter, tighter and slimmer phrasings. While keeping the integrity of the content, of course.


This is how you reach us

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 02