Printer’s copies

  • Digitalization of books, documents, magazines
  • Digitalization of texts in Gothic prints
  • Processing of large amounts of text within short delays
  • Upon request: proofreading, adaption to new German spelling rules
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Manual post processing. Upon request we compare the OCR results manually with the original text and correct OCR mistakes. You receive a text version that’s true to the original.

This is what we offer

Standard or according to your wish. As a rule we digitalize the complete content of a manuscript and transform it into an editable Word file. Of course we can exclude certain elements from being digitalized (such as tables and charts, captions, footnotes, etc.).

Your options in detail.

  • OCR without manual proofread: Delivery of the raw OCR results (so called dirty OCR)
  • OCR with manual proofread: Delivery of text version clear of OCR mistakes
  • OCR including proofread: cleaned version adapted to new German spelling rules
  • Implementation and actualization of references within the text
  • Formatting of the texts according to your specifications
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This is how we work

Manual postprocessing.OCR software never works a hundred percent accurately. Besides that, the OCR results always depend on the original’s quality. Upon request, we manually post process the OCR results and correct the mistakes resulting from the automated text recognition.

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This is how you reach us

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Jaroslaw Piwowarski

Project Manager Science & Research

phone+49 30 54 86 79 02