• Formatting in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages
  • Design according to corporate design, publisher’s guidelines, magazine specifications
  • Optional creation of a layout
  • Editing of tables and charts, diagrams and figures
  • Homogeneous formatting including sign and paragraph style sheets
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Formatting is a craft. We design your text with regards to numerous aspects: correct typography, readability, consistency, corporate design guidelines. Thus you won’t experience any unpleasant surprises when it’s being printed.

This is what we format

Manuscripts for books. Your publisher demands a final printer’s copy of your manuscript ? We format and design your text exactly according to his guidelines. Upon request including image editing, creating of tables and charts, incorporation of a specific citation style, preparation of a bibliography, a register or index.

Scientific articles. If you have to submit a scientific article ready for print at a magazine or for a conference’s anthology: we format and design your manuscript exactly according to your guidelines – if needed including bibliography and foot- or endnotes .

This is how we format

Manual correction. Even though we generally work using format and paragraph style sheets, your printer’s copy gets its final polishing by hand. Elements such as page break, tables and charts or hyphenation are always proofread and corrected manually. Hence we achieve an optimal type face.

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Jaroslaw Piwowarski

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